Buy a Cask of Irish Whiskey & Own Part of History

Since the 13th century, whiskey has been a part of the special Burren region. At Burren Distillers, we’re single-handedly restoring the tradition of “sean gael” Irish whiskey; made by hand, using our barley, water and barrels – recreating a single malt whiskey in the same style and flavour as that savoured by the Brehons centuries ago.

Now, we’re giving whiskey lovers the opportunity to own a part of this whiskey tradition. With Burren Distillers, you can buy a cask of Irish whiskey and become part of the Brehon Circle – an exclusive group of Irish whiskey enthusiasts who all own a cask (or few!) of our unique Burren Irish whiskey.

At Burren Distillers, we use a range of different cask types to mature and age our whiskey, so each batch of Irish whiskey has a distinguished, subtle twist. For example, our Marsala casks are direct from Marsala, Sicily, where the famous fortified wine is produced. If opting for a Marsala cask, you can expect hints of citrus flavours, among others.

Whilst many distillers use predominantly bourbon casks, Burren Distillers boasts a broad range of casks to suit the taste of anyone looking to buy a cask of Irish whiskey:

● Marsala casks

● Viognier casks

● Oloroso casks

● Sherry casks

● Muscatel casks

We also offer a few immensely special and exclusive Irish whiskey casks, with more information available by request. Each cask will offer a completely distinctive flavour as the raw spirit ages inside the cask, meaning the finished product can be unique to the buyer.

If you’re in the market to buy a cask of Irish whiskey, why not own and contribute to a new chapter of Irish whiskey history, too? With plenty of cask options and finishes, everyone is welcome to become a part of the Brehon Circle and take advantage of special experiences and bottlings over the coming years.

You’re personally invited to become a part of the Brehon Circle and buy a cask of our Irish whiskey. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Burren Distillers team to find out more, and make your stamp on Irish whiskey history.

Buy A Cask of Irish Whiskey & Own Part of History