Invest in Irish Whiskey History

Invest in Irish Whiskey history with Burren Distillers! Irish whiskey has deep-rooted traditions and at Burren Distillers, we’re working to keep that alive. Since the 13th century, whiskey has been part of the special Burren region, which is why we lovingly grow our barley there. Tradition is also why we’re the only micro-distillery in Ireland to reintroduce floor malting, and is also why we choose Irish oak mash tuns and fermentation vats. Sometimes, the old way really is the best way.

Restoring 800 years of tradition is a labour of love, which is why we want to bring Irish whiskey lovers on the journey with us. If you’re looking to invest in true Irish whiskey, a cask of our single malt gives you the opportunity to own a part of Irish whiskey history, and have a taste of whiskey that has taken centuries to perfect.

If you’re interested in investing in Irish whiskey, be a part of the Brehon Circle, which is your opportunity to be a part of a new chapter of Irish whiskey history. The Brehon Circle is open to those who are passionate about Irish whiskey, and being part of our cask programme in Ireland means you’ll secure your very own casks of Burren single malt whiskey.

Per year, only 150 casks of Burren Distillers’ whiskey is produced. The whiskey is matured for at least five years and compassionately tended to in our own bonded storehouse. Each cask is numbered, and the Deed of Title will be provided in your name, making you part of the exclusive few people who own our single malt whiskey.

Be part of our passion project, and help restore Irish whiskey to its former glory. If you’re searching for an Irish whiskey cask investment, look no further than Burren Distillers. We curate our whiskey with so much love, time and patience, and we can’t wait for you to experience our whiskey.

Find out more about the Brehon Circle here, and keep an eye on the Burren Distillers Twiter to see behind-the-scenes videos and images of our traditional whiskey process.

Burren Invest In Irish Whiskey