Burren Distillers: Irish Whiskey Distillery

At Burren Distillers, we’re an Irish whiskey distillery passionate about creating traditional “sean gael” whiskey; a type of whiskey that’s no longer being produced anywhere else in the world. From barley to barrel, our Irish whiskey distillery follows artisan traditions and methods established centuries ago.

A true Irish whiskey distillery, here at Burren Distillers we’re crafting whiskey directly from the Burren for the first time in over 100 years. Across 20 acres, we grow and harvest our barley here in the Burren. Burren Distillers are the only Irish whiskey micro-distillery using the traditional floor malting technique, resulting in greater sweetness and less acidity.

The four fermenters used at Burren Distillers are specially made with our own Irish oak by Allary (France). No chemicals or artificial additives are used at any point during this process, as to not tamper with the naturally occurring flavours. Our whiskey distillery opts for triple distillation, so our whisky is smooth with a subdued finish.

Maturation occurs in our own bonded warehouse at the whiskey distillery. Matured in oak casks of oloroso sherry, cognac, viognier, muscat and port expressions, our whiskey is lovingly matured to ensure only premium results.

Our whiskey distillery is creating unique whiskey in a unique way and is supported by whiskey patrons as part of our whiskey cask programme: Brehon Circle. We invite whiskey enthusiasts to own a small piece of the Burren and play a part in restoring Irish whiskey history by purchasing one of only 50 casks available for sale per annum.

Burren Distillers is an Irish whiskey distillery for those who value traditional methods, who want to restore a part of history and to bring back traditional “sean gael” whiskey for centuries to come.

We offer visibility throughout the process of producing our premium single malt whiskey and invite anyone to speak to our friendly team for questions, suggestions or just to find out more about why we’re restoring 800 years of tradition today.

The Burren Distillers Irish Whiskey Distillery