Premium Whiskey Casks by Burren Distillers

With Irish whiskey reclaiming its place in the world, after a century of decline, purchasing a premium whiskey cask is one great way for whiskey lovers to be part of the Irish whiskey renaissance.

At Burren Distillers, we’re reintroducing single malt whiskey in the same style and flavour as that savoured by the “Burren Prince” and the Brehons centuries ago, and you can play a part in this new chapter by purchasing one of our premium whiskey casks.

Our whiskey is lovingly created, using local barley grown specifically for our distillery, and water drawn from our own well, with its unique purity and limestone properties intact. Burren Distillery is the only micro-distillery in Ireland to reintroduce the artisan tradition of floor malting the barley; a practice that results in greater sweetness and less acidity in the whiskey. After fermenting in our special made fermenters from Allary (France), we triple distil to ensure a smooth spirit, well ready for maturation.

Matured in our premium whiskey casks made from oak, with oloroso sherry, viognier, cognac, muscat and port expressions, maturation occurs in our own bonded warehouse at the distillery. Our focus is on creating a premium single malt whiskey primarily, with a single pot still expression also.

Owning a premium whiskey cask from Burren Distillers means you become part of the Brehon Circle, where premium whiskey cask owners can take advantage of special experiences and bottlings of Burren Irish whiskey for years to come.

Play your part in restoring Irish whiskey history by owning your own premium whiskey cask. Find out more about the Brehon Circle here.

Premium Whiskey Casks by Burren Distillers