Own A Piece of The Burren: Whiskey Cask Programme

At Burren Distillers, restoring 800-year-old Irish whiskey traditions is a labour of love. Each year, the Burren micro-distillery will distil a limited amount of the finest whiskey; just 150 casks per annum. This single malt whiskey will be made by hand using traditional techniques dating back centuries, and you can own a part of it by joining our exclusive whiskey cask programme.

Have your own small piece of the Burren by joining the Brehon Circle, our whiskey cask programme that brings together whiskey patrons to support the Burren micro-distillery and our efforts to craft Ireland’s first whiskey from the Burren region in over 100 years. Joining the whiskey programme offers a range of benefits, including:

  •   Exclusive bottlings
  •   Annual distillery visits and tastings
  •   Special whiskey products

More than just a whiskey cask programme, the Brehon Circle is a group of like-minded individuals passionate about reigniting an 800-year-old tradition in the Burren. Perfect for those looking to invest in Irish whiskey history, any patron who purchases at least one 225 litre cask of our single estate whiskey automatically becomes a Brehon Circle member.

With your cask numbered and Deed of Title in your name, you can enjoy the whiskey cask programme benefits whilst your whiskey is matured over a minimum of five years, lovingly tended to in our own bonded storehouse. At the end of the five-year minimum period, how you move forward with your whiskey programme is up to you; with buy-back cask and bottling options available.

Be a part of the whiskey cask programme that is committed to honouring Irish whiskey history and reintroducing a “sean gael” whiskey. Prospective Brehon Circle members can apply here.

If you have any questions about our exclusive whiskey programme, please don’t hesitate to contact us here, and we’d be happy to assist.

Own A Piece of The Burren Whiskey Cask Programme