in the Burren

Four ingredients alchemise to make our whiskey as original as it is exceptional

Our own well water, the source of which is the summit of Cappanwalla Mountain which looks out across Galway Bay
Our heritage Irish Barley, grown for us locally and malted on site
Irish oak barrels for aging
An ancient recipe dating back to the 13th century Monks in Corcomroe Abbey, just over 12 kilometres away. Unique and unlike contemporary expressions of Irish Whiskey, which have their genesis in 19th century

What makes Burren Distillers unique is evident in each barrel, bottle and glass. We have a passion which drives our dedicated renaissance of the earliest, indigenous distillation methods unique to this place, a UNESCO Geopark, a dreamlike, lunar landscape perched on the edge of the Atlantic. A place of soft rain, strong whiskey and stirring stories.
We are prospectors mining honey from these rocks.

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An authentic Irish Method


A style of whiskey, whiskey-making and recipes which predates contemporary expressions of Irish Whiskey. A true revival of Sean Gael or Old Irish distilling artistry.

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The heritage barley we grow to craft our super premium single malt whiskey is grown on Ireland’s West coast.

Floor malting

We floor-malt all our barley, an ancient, artisan way of working that slowly but surely brings out the best in the grain and as a result the best in each barrel, bottle and glass.

Direct fired

Our stills are made from copper inside and out, maximising copper exposure for a unique flavour profile.

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