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A Whiskey as Individual as it is Exceptional

Our Single Malt

Crafted by hand and born out of Irish heritage barley, well water and Irish oak, this Burren™ Irish Whiskey Single Malt is a rare revival of Ireland’s Uisce Beatha. It is part of our history brought to life; a unique expression with the potential to reshape your understanding of whiskey itself.

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A Whiskey Like No Other

An Experience
to Savour

Unhurried in its crafting from barley to barrel to bottle, the nose, taste and finish of our whiskey is defined not only by the dedicated touch of a modern-day master but also by the wealth of history and tradition that went before him.

Uniquely Handcrafted

Burren™ Irish Whiskey Single Malt made using ancient Gaelic distilling methods and aged in Irish sessile oak casks, offers a captivating sensory experience. From the floral and fruity nose to the complex symphony of flavours and lingering finish, this whiskey captures The Burren’s unique terroir.  

Expect the unexpected

The youthful spirit of the whiskey’s heart naturally matures to deliver an exquisite honeyed sweetness with underlying hints of oak. Notes of almond are perfectly balanced with the gentle tang of fruit flavours and complimented by the ever-present but subtle taste of vanilla.


Aged over 4 years in Irish oak barrels, each year adds a new dimension to the nose, taste and finish of this exceptional whiskey.


It took approximately 20 million years for Burren limestone to form. Changes in sea levels exposed these rocks, which were then weathered and dissolved by rainwater to form our ancient Karst landscape. Once exposed, over time the stone became covered in soil containing particles of volcanic ash and highly mineralised organic matter.

Our heritage barley, rooted in this nurturing soil, is further nourished by a gentle saline mist, carried from the wild Atlantic Ocean.



A rare revival of Ireland's Uisce Beatha - the water of life, this first release Sean Gael Whiskey lets you experience an expression of Irish distilling history.

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