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Stewards of our land

An Ancient
Gaelic Distilling
Heritage Revived

Burren Distilling revives Sean Gael heritage whiskey making by creating a spirit which pre-dates contemporary expressions of Irish whiskey.

Sean Gael or native Irish is more than processes and recipes. It is also a communion with the land and honouring of the seasons. It is a patient and holistic world view. In continuing the Sean Gael tradition, we make our whiskey in collaboration with, and with respect for, the elements that surrounds us.

Our manual techniques, traditional equipment and willingness to let nature take its course, make our process deliberately slow and extremely rewarding. The outcome is a spirit of another time and place. A revival of an ancient profile, complex, round and deeply satisfying.






Distillers and stewards
of our lands

ancient AND rewarding

As far back as the 12th century, by means of Brehon laws, the people of the Burren upheld a system of ecological and social harmony which was evident in all aspects of life – whiskey included.

Resource management

  1. Our heritage barley is grown in fields where crops are rotated and where neighbouring wild flower meadows encourage biodiversity.

Our distillery uses water sourced from our own well and collected rainwater. We monitor usage and use recycled water for chilling and cleaning.

Irish Oak

Apart from our copper stills all equipment needed for malting, mashing, chilling and fermentation is made according to tradition – from Irish Oak. To protect this precious resource we plant 100 oak trees each year.

Chemical Free

All our equipment is steam cleaned after each use. By removing the need for caustic cleaning agents we protect our land and create a healthy work environment for our team.

Certified Origin Green 

Certified Origin Green 

Certified Origin Green 

Certified Origin Green 

What Is Origin Green?

Origin Green is a national food and drink sustainability programme with a global ambition: to make Irish food and drink the first choice internationally because it is trusted as sustainably produced by people who care. It is the world’s only national food and drink sustainability programme that operates across all sectors.

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