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An Investment opportunity like no other

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Brehon Circle

Sean Gael Whiskey is the first if its kind to emerge from this remarkable corner of Ireland in over a century.

Nestled in the UNESCO Geopark, Burren Distillers have revived an ancient Gaelic distilling heritage for your palate and portfolio.



We are proud to invite you to join our clan as we revive this authentic, ancient profile, the first if its kind to emerge from this remarkable corner of Ireland in over a century.

By investing with us, you become part of our Brehon Circle and can play your part in the revival of a unique whiskey in a unique landscape.


Brehon is Ireland’s indigenous system of law which predates the arrival of St. Patrick in 432AD. It developed from customs which had been passed on orally in rhymes from one generation to the next. Each Chief had a circle of Brehons or judges attached to his household and wider clan settling all matters within the clan and adjudicating on their mutual obligations to each other. Brehon laws upheld a system of ecological and social harmony which was evident in all aspects of life – whiskey included.

We have two Brehon Circle investment opportunities which we proudly offer to you.

Barrel investment

Vertical Collection investment

Barrel investment

This is an exclusive opportunity limited to 30 barrels in 2024. A full barrel represents 225 litres of whiskey which equates to approximately 300 bottles with a cask strength of 63.5 abv.

Your barrel will be stored on site for a minimum of 5 years with the option to extend years of maturation on site once 5 years has elapsed. We extend a cead mile failte, one hundred thousand welcomes, to you to visit and sample your barrel each year or you can request a sample of your barrel to be sent to you annually.

Barrel investment €9,500

Please note there are also shared barrel options of 1/2 and 1/4 barrel investment if you wish to invite friends or family to join you on your Burren whiskey adventure.

Vertical collection investment

This is an opportunity to share in our rarest whiskey. It was made in our earliest days with a small crop of local grown barley from a small holding while we were in our inception phase.
This vertical collection is drawn from the distillery’s very first production in 2019, virgin Irish Oaked and is extremely limited. We are committing just 5 of our maiden barrels to this venture.

We invite you to buy in early and prosper with us as the value of this singular expression appreciates.

Vertical collection investment €3,500

What will your investment yield to you?

Five bottles of our maiden production released to you as it ages and matures inviting you to savour the Spirit of the Burren as the profile advances. In addition, throughout the length of your investment, you will receive a bottle of 5 year old whiskey to add to your collection or enjoy with family and friends. In total you will add 16 bottles to your portfolio.

YearMaiden barrels maturityAnnual 5 year release
October 20245 year old bottle5 year old oaked in 2019
October 20255 year old oaked in 2020
October 20267 year old bottle5 year old oaked in 2021
October 20275 year old oaked in 2022
October 20285 year old oaked in 2023
October 202910 year old bottle5 year old oaked in 2024
October 20305 year old oaked in 2025
October 203112 year old bottle5 year old oaked in 2026
October 20325 year old oaked in 2027
October 20335 year old oaked in 2028
October 203415 year old bottle5 year old oaked in 2029

Why invest in whiskey

Government oversight provides a safe guard for investors- each barrel must be bonded and tracked.

Whiskey sales do not typically demonstrate the volatility we have seen in equity markets, commodities, property or precious metals.

Indices such as Knight Frank and SG100 that track 100 of the rarest and most desirable bottles show an upward trend of 18% and 30% per annum respectively 2017 – present.

Whiskey barrel investment is ideal for the patient investor who wants to grow future income, supplement their retirement income or share a limited and original legacy with the next generations.

One trend that is expected to continue shaping the whiskey cask investment market is the growing demand for rare and exclusive whiskies. With the increasing global population of high net worth individuals, the market for whiskey collections as a form of alternative investment grows. This growing market and any subsequent demand is expected to drive up the prices of rare and exclusive whiskies, making them even more valuable for investors. According to a report by Knight Frank, the value of rare whiskey increased by 9% in the year ending 2022. Another report concluded that rare whiskey went up in value by 21% in 2022.
To the uninitiated, owning an entire cask of whisky might seem daunting. To the serious collector, nothing could be more enticing. Like purchasing a vintage sports car or investing in a thoroughbred racehorse, owning a rare cask is about so much more than a mere transaction. For many, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of history and to watch it develop.
Financial times

The first of its kind


We invite you to get in touch and discover the value of investing with us.

    An investment opportunity like no other  

    An investment opportunity like no other  

    An investment opportunity like no other  

    An investment opportunity like no other  

    Join the Sean Gael whiskey revival. Be the first to add Burren™ Irish Whiskey Single Malt to your collection.

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